Monday, February 24, 2014

The Honest Truth - Hair

Here goes, my hair is graying.  If you look really close to this photo, you can see strands of silver in my bangs.  I know there are longer strands in the back.  My mom is in denial of the whole thing.  I told her that one day, I may have grayer hair than her.  I haven't done anything with my hair yet.  I'm not sure if I want to dye it or just leave it how it is.

My hair is the longest that it has ever been.  I have great hair stylists who know how to make thick hair manageable.  I wish I had seen them a long time ago.  Some stylists don't know what to do for the type of hair that I have.  It's so nice to be able to wear my hair down and not in a pony tail or halfway up.  Not all hair was meant for layers even though it looks good.

Often people ask me what shampoo I use.  I actually have a routine.  That sounds really high maintenance, but it's not really.

Around the weekends, I use Bumble and Bumble's Tonic Shampoo, then the next time I use Bumble and Bumble's Gentle Shampoo and Pert Plus.  When I had really dry hair, I used Bumble and Bumble's  Creme de Coco Shampoo and Conditioner.  Currently, I've been using Living Proof's Restore Mask Treatment.  The mask treatment makes my hair really smooth and manageable.

My grandma went to beauty school, so she taught me a lot about how to take care of your hair.  Always  comb your wet hair and never use a hair brush on wet hair.  She wasn't a big fan of blow dryers.  When I shampoo my hair, I just let my hair air dry and the only time that I get my hair blown out is at the salon.  Every once in a while, rinse your hair out with vinegar and water.  The vinegar helps get rid of the buildup from oil and shampoo residue.  Don't worry, the smell will go away, just rinse with water after you pour vinegar on your hair.  Like I said before, I've never colored my hair.  Try not to over treat your hair.  Healthy hair is the happiest.

You may wonder about the price of the products that I use, they're so worth it.  An 8 ounce bottle of shampoo and conditioner last a really long time.  You can always mix up your routine with shampoo that you can buy at the local drugstore, like Pert Plus.

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  1. Great hair tips!! I have been noticing grays in my hair lately, too :( It's a sad realization! I really don't want to dye my hair - it's so much easier not needing to. I've heard great things about Bumble and Bumble products - I'm gonna try them out.