Thursday, April 16, 2015

Music or Lack Thereof

I don't know if the rest of America knows that their radio station is mostly handled by music executives in New York, Nashville or Los Angeles.  They want to make big bucks, so they manufacture these "artists." These artists aren't even original.

I mainly listen to XM Outlaw Country. Yes, there's a million other channels that I should listen to but I listen to channel 60.  I'd have to say my favorites on there are Cody Canada and Jackson Taylor among others.

My local southern Oklahoma station is great, it's kkaj 95.7.  Yes, they do play some FGL but they do play a lot of Texas and Red Dirt music. The station here in town doesn't, so that's why I listen to the other station.

I wish radio stations got to play what their listeners wanted to listen to instead of pushing someone knew and not so good on us.

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