Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30, 30, 30, Things

Here are 30 things about me!

1. I almost didn't graduate high school because I hadn't taken world history.  I had to drop yearbook and take world history with sophomores.  My teacher wouldn't let me answer any questions because I knew them all.

2.  I'm right handed.

3.  I've taken the jeopardy test in Dallas.  It was pretty hard but at least I can say that I did it.

4. I've been to 4 ballparks and 1 basketball game.

5.  I like the Mavs over the Thunder.  People ask me why and I say because the Mavs were the original home team.

6.  I'm a tomboy.  I'm really not a girly-girl.

7.  My grandma went to beauty school even though she didn't work in a beauty shop after she went to school.  She taught me a lot about beauty and style.  I don't know how I'd look without her.

8.  I'm the only one in my family that's not in science or a teacher.

9. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats.  The cats live with my parents since my dog picked on them.

10.  I've only lived in Oklahoma but lived in Arlington, VA for a few months.

11.  I've interned at the USDA and Commerce Department.

12. My birthday is on Christmas.

13. I'm superstitious.

14. I read my horoscope for entertainment.

15. I don't like to decorate.  I look at magazines and pinterest but don't have the motivation to actually do that.

16.  I love to garden.

17.  I bought a metal detector! I'm going to find riches.

18.  I really want to go dig for diamonds in Arkansas.

19.  I love Cody Canada.

20. I love margaritas.

21. I was once Eloise in a fancy hotel in Dallas.  We saw a wedding, fancy people dressed up and the Dallas Cowboys.

22.  I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan for 33 years.

23.  I've never been to a NFL game. :(

24. I like OSU Cowboys for college sports.

25.  I've been to their football and basketball games.

26. My two favorite places for vacations are Fort Worth and Las Vegas.

27. I don't like math.

28. I have a red car.

29. I'm an only child.

30. I don't want to get married.

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