Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Baking Overview

Christmas was exactly a month ago.  I'm slowly un-decorating my house.  It's so sad to just take away all of the pretty things at once.

For the Christmas season, I love to make my friends and family cookies.  I usually deliver them a week before Christmas when everybody is still at work.  My main cookies that I make are cut out sugar cookies, gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies.  I use the same recipe for the sugar and chocolate chip cookies but I wanted to try something different for the gingerbread cookies.  I really liked Very Best Baking's Chocolate Gingerbread because it was really easy to cool in the fridge and then roll out.  I've tried some other gingerbread recipes before where it's really hard to roll out and cut.  This year, for our department get together, we had a cookie exchange, I made red velvet thumbprint cookies with cream cheese frosting in the thumbprint.  They were so yummy because I rolled the outside in sanding sugar.

Red Velvet Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Sugar Cookies
The week that I was off work, there was a small time frame to make Divinity.  To make Divinity, it has to be during the day and at least 40% humidity or lower.  The weather here in Oklahoma for the month of December was wet and cloudy, not Divinity making weather.  Divinity does take plenty of practice! I kept checking the weather to see when there was that time frame for great humidity.  It was at 3pm.  It actually turned out and I gave it to a friend who loves it.

The same day that I made the Divinity, I made the Cherry-Lime Pistachio Pralines from Better Homes & Garden.  They were really good but I think they got harder then they should.

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