Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pie, Pies and More Pies

I make pies for friends and family.  It's a really small-small word of mouth operation.  I don't have enough time to advertise or I know I'd get overwhelmed. 

This is me after making 13 or 14 pie crusts from scratch.

A pumpkin pie with pumpkin decorative crust.

The famous pecan pie.  The secret is to not as much syrup mixture as it calls for. Save 1/4 cup or so, so that the syrup doesn't boil over onto your cookie sheet.  Always use a pie crust cover to protect your crust from burning and spray it with nonstick spray so it won't stick to the cover.

I don't make my pie 45 minutes like it says.  I set the timer for 35 minutes and let the syrup harden.  If it doesn't look like it will, I put it back in the oven to let it bake more.

This Thanksgiving, I tried different crust techniques.  With this, I braided the crust and joined them together.

This was a cherry pie for Christmas.  I made the top crust and decorated it with snowflakes.

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