Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fabulous Foodie Swap

Another amazing food/gift exchange was the Fabulous Foodie Swap! My exchange partner was Shelby in California.  She's from Texas, so I knew that she would like my grandma's cornbread recipe, so I sent a jar of the mix and directions, the southwestern 3-bean and barley soup, Bedre chocolate, tea towels and savory spiced pecans.  I also included my famous pumpkin bread recipe.  She said she would enjoy everything.
Oklahoma Goodies

In mine, I got a very cute light blue gingham apron, basil and citrus chicken jerky, chocolate peanut butter bars, pink salt (I've always wanted this!),  caramel ginger candy, gingerbread hot chocolate, prep bowl set and a little jar of jelly.  I really appreciated everything.  We don't have a World Market locally (I think there is one in Oklahoma City).  I love trying new things!

California Goodies

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