Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here's to 2016

Where have I been in a year and a half?  I know, I know, I should've updated this more often.  I was so busy having fun!

We'll start with the year of 2016.  It wasn't a bad year.  A lot of people have said that it was horrible.  I don't think it was but these people tend to say that about every year.  Why do you want to be like that?

In January, we had my little cousin's birthday party.  He enjoyed Dirty Santa so much, that we played Dirty Fayv for his birthday.  He was still asking about that this year!  I got a new pair of Lucchese boots that I've always wanted!  I won a $200 credit from Ruelala, so I saved it until I found the perfect boots.  These boots are so comfy and worth it.

In February, my friend and I took her sons to Fort Worth to the Stockshow and Rodeo.  We went on the last Saturday and the rodeo was sold out when we got there!  We wound up going to the carnival and then we went to the Stockyards to eat BBQ.  I successfully parallel parked my car on the left side of a one way street.

In March, my friend Miranda and I got to walk across the stage as Senior Consultants.  I wasn't a Red Jacket in my company yet.  I was so excited when I got my jacket.  I can't wait to earn my directors suit by the end of the year.

This summer, I got three kittens.  I had a really bad mice problem, but these kittens were mousers.  I had Domino and Dice who are in kitty heaven and now I have Tasha.  Tasha was supposed to go live with neighbors but she worked her way into my heart.  I was really hands off with her but she loves to cuddle.  She's a fighter though and really tough for a small cat.  She was found alone with her sibling but she was the only cat that survived.

In July, my aunt Pauline passed away.  I wasn't really sad because I'll always remember her stories and her chuckle.  She wouldn't want me to be sad.

We went to our convention in August.  It was so much!  It is a really motivating experience.  We also had fun with a dance party and awards.  I received my red high heels as a contest in my national area by recruiting team members.  I was the only person in my whole national area to do this!  I thought surely someone else would do this too.

Jessi took several trips with me.  She likes to ride.  Usually if I have to get gas in Tishomingo, she rides with me as long as the weather is dry.  I have cream colored car seats.

Jessi is also warming up to Tasha.  Tasha wants to cuddle up with Jessi so bad but Jessi won't have any party of it.  The two boy cats thought Jessi was there mom and they would lay by her and try to nurse her back.  Jessi loved the kneading but would freak out if she realized what they were doing.  Jessi loves to give Tasha kisses though.

My niece Shaina passed away.  It was a sudden thing.  I think all of our hearts are still broken.

In September, I had to get a new door.  Some fool broke into my house.  The weird thing is that they didn't get anything of large value.  Drawers were opened.  They found a check of my mom's and cashed it that afternoon.  We figured out who they were.

In December, my mom and I got to go to McAlester and go to Pete's Place.  It was so delicious!  If you go during the week day, they have a smaller portioned lunch menu.  Mom was going to get the fried chicken and they said it would take 25 minutes so she didn't get that.  We also went to Norman the day after Christmas and bought from the sales.  I took my mom to eat at Chuy's.

New Years Eve was awesome.  It was an 80's themed party. 

The Cowboy Snowman finally got to see snow!  It snowed this past weekend.  I was snowed in for a few days.

I hope that this year will be as fun as the past year.

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