Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Time!

Where have I been? Yes, I've been Missing in Action for a while.

I've been doing Focus T25 workouts! They're every day for 25 minutes!  Early on, I woke up at 5 and did the workouts in the morning, but as it got warmer, I just want to stay in bed longer.  Isn't that how it is?  I finished my first 10 weeks and now I'm into my second week of doing the exercises again.  They're still harder, but it seems like now I don't have to do the exercises that the modifier does. This workout series is definitely worth it!

The garden is going great! I haven't done much with it, just weeded it. Here in southern Oklahoma, we've had quite a bit of rain, so we haven't had to drag around the water hose like we normally do. The tomatoes did wonderful but the cucumbers didn't. Blue birds keep eating my blackberries but I was able to make some ice cream with the blackberries. Jessi and I eat some blackberries and strawberries as we pick them. We can't help it!

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