Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Spring!

I've got a few seeds started.  I'm probably late on doing that but summertime here is a really long time.  I have cucumbers, brussels sprouts, zinnias, ranunculus and sweet peas.

I haven't planted my peanuts yet, but I have cabbage and strawberries planted.  I found my Celebrity tomatoes from Guthrie Greenhouses.  Celebrity tomatoes grow really well in Oklahoma.  I don't have much luck with Big Boy and Early Girl.  I also got two Brandywine tomato plants.  I'll get some cherry tomatoes to put with the rest of the tomatoes.  I need to get some marigolds to plant with the tomatoes.  The marigolds help bugs stay away from tomatoes.

I need to go out in my garden and plan on where I'm going to plant everything.  I'm afraid that I won't have enough space.  I plan on growing a lot of okra and peanuts.  Onions and garlic will have to go somewhere, but I definitely know where I'm going to put my tomatoes.

I also planted ranunculus bulbs/sets in my flower garden.  I hope that it's not to late to plant them.  I think those kinds of flowers are always so pretty.

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