Friday, January 30, 2015

The Skimm - Your News in the Morning

All of my life, I've loved the news.  Maybe it was because we only had two television stations and a evening news paper that came daily.  I'm probably weird, but I have to watch the world news because it relaxes me.  I guess it's because I get current events and information that you can't really get anywhere else.

Jessi and I watching the Today Show and reading theSkimm

Some how, some way, I signed up for theSkimm, daily email newsletters.  They start off with a quote of the day by someone who is very important in the news of the previous day/night.  They give you the news in brief paragraphs and get to the point.  This is great because I'll hear snippets of news while I'm getting ready for work and then I can open my email and read what I need to know about U.S. and world events.

Finally, theSkimm was started by two 20-somethings.  Yes, really.  I still consider myself a 20-something.  You're only as young as you feel, right?  I think this shows, that you can do anything with enough ambition and drive.  Yes, I need to tell myself that on cold and gloomy Oklahoma days.  Also, they celebrate other Skimmer's birthdays.  It's fun to see people you know on the list and tweet them happy birthday! Mine was on their day off. :(

If you would like to receive, theSkimm, just click on any of the links above or here,, easy as that!

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