Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crafty Christmas

It was a crafty Christmas around here.  I made most of my Christmas gifts.  I started working on them before Thanksgiving.

I go a little crazy about chalk boarding stuff! It's so fun and easy.  This sign went to a new friend in Indianapolis with a goody goody gift swap package. (I'll have to blog about that soon!)

These were supposed to be my shoes that went with my "Clarice, Rudolph's girlfriend" outfit.  Due to potential bad weather, I didn't get to go to my friends New Years Eve party.  It was a "dress as your favorite Christmas character.  I couldn't find a white fur shrug to be one of the Haynes' sisters from White Christmas, so Clarice was the next best thing.  I just mod podged some red glitter to the bow of these shoes.

These initials were supposed to be for Allie and Mena's chalkboards but I decided that they were too big. It was fun to finally use the glitter that I've had forever!

Excuse the messy kitchen, these Rudolph Coke's went to my stepdad and uncle.  All you need is little cokes, googgly eyes, red pom pons and brown pipe cleaners!

I found this at Hobby Lobby and decided to spray paint the board with chalkboard paint and then coated the stand and top with a layer of black paint and red paint on top of it.  I lightly sanded them so it would look worn.  I then sprayed glossy acrylic spray to protect the paint.  I just reversed the lettering and traced over it with chalk and then rubbed it onto the board.  I made two of these and both friends loved them!

Here are Mena and Allie's chalkboards. I first sprayed the inside with chalkboard paint, then painted the edge with pink acrylic paint and then used painters tap and made stripes.  I then sprayed the boards with gold and silver spray paint.

I also made my cousin Wendy an embroidered flour sack fowl and added a fabric ruffle to the bottom.  I finished it Christmas morning so I wasn't able to take a picture of the finished product!

You don't have to spend a lot of money on Christmas.  Handmade gifts mean the most and they'll always be remembered.

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