Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer 2015

This has been the best summer ever! Usually summers are filled with bills, hot weather and no kinds of fun.  Last year, I didn't even take off from work.  I got severally burned out and that wasn't fun.

tishomingo, oklahoma, ada, california

Mom and I went to California for a weekend in June! I had been there several times but I'm glad that Mom got to go with me! We didn't do much except sleep, eat, visit and do it over again.

Early summer was filled with pretty plants and flowers.

Trips to the shaved ice stand in Tishomingo is always fun.  The ice is so soft! My favorite flavor is pina colada!

Mom and I went to our school's reunion.  It was nice to see people that my mom went to school with. I wish more of my generation went.  I guess they think it's just for older people but older people are fun!

hamburger king, ada, oklahoma

The summer wasn't too incredibly hot.  There was a few weeks that had triple digit heat but then there weren't.  I think when it rained so much, I even got out my yoga pants and long sleeve t-shirts.

We had a tropical storm named Bill even though we live nowhere near the ocean! It just stayed over Southern Oklahoma for ever it seemed.  This was in June but in May, it also rained and rained.  There were rivers that flooded and you couldn't cross bridges!  I had several leaks in my roof and ceiling pop up and that wasn't fun! I even had water come through my oven hood.  I'm thankful for the rain but not 50 inches of it in a short time!  Right now, there is still some patches of green grass but the late summer heat has made some of the grass die.  Usually by now, the trees are brown, but most are still green.

Buddy got bit by a snake that was by the dry creek.  He should've known better than to play with a snake.  He took some medicine and got all better.

I went to town one Saturday and went to Hamburger King.  That is probably my favorite place to eat in Ada.  I wish I could find someone to go with me!

On the 4th of July, I had no plans and I didn't care that I didn't.  About 3pm,  the electricity went off!Mom needed to go to Tishomingo, so she said that Jessi could come with us since I didn't need anything either.  Jessi always enjoys a trip.  She saw a big yellow lab in the parking lot of the dollar store and didn't want him to be there.  She only likes the friends that she likes.  Jessi is weird.  Who ever heard of rain on the 4th of July any way?


I got my 3rd quarter prize from my company! I intended to wear it with my awards night dress but when I got to our conference, I received another jewelry set for being a 4 quarter star!

Buddy got bit by a snake during the rains but he got better.  He shouldn't have been playing with a snake any way!  He slowly got better and is back to his silly self!

Being a part of my company has been a great experience.  The motivation and girl time is amazing.  It's not competitive because we lift each other up.

Before I went to Dallas, I went to Sherman to buy groceries and just get out of the house.  You can't go to Texas without going to Whataburger!

The day I left for Dallas, Jessi and I got to enjoy the beautiful crepe myrtles in the yard.  I'm sure I enjoyed them more than Jessi.  Jessi just likes to watch the squirrels in the trees.


Dallas was amazing!  At the conference, I got to attend an ice cream social.  I asked the rest of the girls if it was ok to eat my ice cream because they didn't have one.  They said, sure it was.

I bought a selfie stick and it took a while to get a hang of it.

The weekend was filled with tons of laughter and fun.

I was the Queen of Sales at my unit's awards night.  That was such a surprise.  I kidded everyone and told them that I carry my tiara in my car and asked if they did too.  I had to laugh about the night that I won it.  My director had the new fall products, so I decided to be the volunteer for the new men's cologne.  It's hard to tell what it smells like if you spray it in the air.  On my way home, I was so afraid that I'd get stopped and be smelling like a man with a tiara on my head.

I put a blanket in the front seat of my car and Jessi and I went to my friends house.  Jessi doesn't get to ride much in my new car because I have white leather seats.  She's done it a few times but I made sure that I have her a blanket in the car.  I was laughing at her the other day because I woke her up from taking a nap, so on our way back home, she actually fell asleep in the car.  Usually she is up looking around.

My girl Daisy finally has become my best friend.  I've had her for 4 years and it took her that long to become my companion.  I don't know if all Doberman's are like that.  I knew she would be, I just didn't know it would take that long.  She gets so excited to see me when I get home from work.

The mornings have started to be cool.  I guess this feels like a real end of summer.  Usually everything is burned up and dying.  Hopefully every summer will end like this.