Thursday, March 13, 2014

Favorites - Antique Finds

These are my Saturday antique finds.

I went to breakfast with my cousin and since she was by herself, we did a little bit of browsing.  The block of Main Street that we were on, has 3 antique stores.  I didn't make it to the 3rd store, but it was fun looking in the 2 stores.

After looking and buying, I want to decorate my house like my great grandma Hemo's house.  I guess it's a comfort thing.  All happy things happened there.  I'd stay there if I was sick and we would have get togethers there every weekend it seemed.

I love the platter with the spider mums. The blue and pink make it look so modern, but it was made in 1956.  I loved the vase and it was actually on sale.  I haven't picked out any flowers, but I may put some bright red poppies in it.  I'm on the search to find vintage Dick and Jane readers, this one is Alice and Jerry.  If you find a Dick and Jane book, or even their doggy Spot reader, grab it for me!  My aunt got me a new book of Dick and Jane, but I'm looking for the vintage readers.  The yellow ashtray is Frankoma.  Ashtrays are hard to come by.  I'll probably just use it as a catchall.  The metal measuring cup is like the ones that used to come in the flour sacks.  I used to have one but it got legs.

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