Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Entryway Redo

My dining room doesn't have an "entryway."  Originally, the room was the living room and everyone ate in the kitchen.  My grandparents added on a den, so the living room became the dining room.  We've had a bad winter, so by the front door became the catch all of "stuff."  I put spray paint, paper to be recycled and seeds for my garden right there.  I also keep my keys and Jessi's leash there.  It was just becoming an eyesore.  I was also getting tired of letters getting piled up on the table.  The table is also a catch-all. 


I bought a 14x14 frame from Walmart.  I may eventually spray paint it black satin but right now I'm going to leave it up.  I bought a Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager Accessory Board.  The board is really neat because you nail the back to the wall and then slip the cover on top of the back.  The back panel that you nail to the wall actually has a tiny level.  That is the neatest thing!  I'm always afraid that I'm going to hang something crooked.  I decided to get black since black goes with everything and won't be too distracting.  I also got the Wall Manager Inbox in black.  This will help to keep letters off of the table!  I also got two hooks to put my keys and Jessi's leash on.

I also decided to put the boot vase with silk forsythia and other branch blooms since it's almost Spring.  I also stuck some flowers in the cast iron pot after I took the picture.  The sign above the mirror needs more chalkboard paint, so I'll write a clever quote on it soon.

This little bit of organization will help me a lot!

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