Monday, February 17, 2014

Favorite Color

Whether you call it pink, fuchsia or magenta, I have to say that it's my favorite color.  This particular color makes me happy.  I didn't realize that it was my color until someone stopped me one day on my way to the car afterwork and wondered where my signature color was.  I was wearing a new navy shirt that day.  I happen to love navy too but didn't realize that I was known for my favorite color.  Yes, dark colors tend to not be so happy. 

Christmas Tree,Fuchsia, Blue, Shiny, Lights, Christmas

I actually have two Christmas trees.  One tree is more traditional with gold and burgundy ornaments, but my tree in the den is more fun and modern.  I have pinks, purples, blues and greens on this tree.  I couldn't find the right kind of tree skirt, so I got about 3 yards of sparkly fuchsia rayon fabric.  I just draped it around the bottom of the Christmas tree.  My cat Timmy loves to lay under the tree.

What's better than flowers?  I could have fresh flowers around all of the time, but I usually put together bouquets of silk flowers.  I also put flowers everywhere outside that I can.  I love putting them in the old window sill on the wall outside.  I even put viola's in my garden.  The bright viola's were a great addition to my green garden.

If Jessi knew what a lovely color this is, she would be requesting it for everything.  She does have a pink collar.

Kate Spade couldn't be more correct.

I loved putting together a cobalt pleated skirt with a white 3/4 length button down shirt with a bright t-shirt underneath.

What's better than shades, new lipstick and my favorite t-shirt?

Have a happy week,

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