Thursday, February 13, 2014


I think of myself as a professional baker but amateur cook.  I think I'm afraid the meat won't be done or it takes to long to cook a roasting hen. Patience is also needed. Sometimes I don't exactly have patience.

I'm on Food52 to find recipes that real home cooks have used.  No one wants to cook something that doesn't turn out or have outlandish ingredients.

Here are the recipes that I've made. I've submitted everything from chicken dressing to my Blue River Stew.   

Blue River Stew Short Ribs Recipe Food52 Community Pick
Blue River Stew

The Blue River Stew was actually in a contest with foods made with short ribs.  You see, they have contests that are due on Thursdays. The community picks which recipes that they like and home cooks actually try the recipes to see if they taste as good as they sound.  I'm pretty proud to have one of my recipes as a community pick.

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